Last week on the Radio show, we interviewed a blogger named Stephanie.  She's got a great blog at  It was an interesting conversation about the things Christianity takes from culture, and then tries to re-brand for a profit.  Like Guitar Hero. 

You know the game that took the world by storm?  You have these toy guitars and you essentially follow the song on the television pressing the correct buttons to get points.  There are multiple levels, so it gets harder the more you play. 

Evidently a Christian marketer got a hold of the idea, and turned it into a praise game.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for having fun.  In fact, even this idea of getting music that is wholesome while we play guitar hero has it's good points.  But the overwhelming thought among the creators of guitar hero is, "Why do Christians rip off our ideas?"

The same thing happens with T-shirts we make using the brands of the world, or music we rip from secular artists, and insert Jesus' name; and then all of the sudden we accept the music as if it was God's intent all along.

I guess my question here is…why do Christians always follow culture instead of leading it?

We have creative people.
We have good ideas.
Is it because we're too scared to go out on our own and create products that will appeal to people of faith AND the world?

I'm all about having Christian music. It's a wonderful thing to have positive music to play in the car on the commute to work, or even at a party with teenagers; but if our music just copies the beats and styles of the secular world; isn't that a bit like stealing?

I have a dream…(not to sound too cliche') 

I have a dream to encourage teenagers in their gifts to create high level art.
I have a dream to help teens develop high level, quality music.
I have a dream to fan into flame the gifts of the students I get a chance to encounter, so they can go and create careers that both glorify God and stay true to driving culture.

Not creating another.
Not copying something that is successful.
Not trying to be cheeky.

But real people, creating real art/music/sport/business/ or whatever they're good at; so WE can enjoy the entire body of Christ.

I guess the short of it is…let's be leaders in culture…not simply people who rip off what's popular in the world. 


  1. AMEN! Best blog I’ve read in awhile. What a concept: “Stop being copycats, and start being innovative”
    It stems from our own laziness.
    LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!

  2. These questions remind me a lot of book, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Mark A. Noll which I am sure you have read but it always interesting to revisit.

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