You know, this morning I was so frustrated with all the technology problems I was having.  I was literally ready to throw my computer out the window.  But as the day went on…it was just silly. 

Silly to get angry over something that can't really think.
Silly to let something get to me to take my eyes off of the goals I'm setting for the future.
Silly to live in the moment, and not see the eternal/spiritual things going on all around me.

But isn't that life?

Isn't that the way we get distracted from the bulls eye of life?

We allow these physical things to interfere with what God is trying to do in our hearts and our lives, and it just drains the motivation out of our soul.

Computers break.
Keys get lost.
Car doors lock.
Kids scream in the background.
Business decisions don't go how we thought.
Friends end up disappointing us.
Family ends up being less than family.

It's all a full on game plan that the enemy tries to distract us with.

Jesus said, "The thief comes to steal, to kill, and destroy…" 

I believe that!

I believe the thief is interested in taking the joy of my heart away so I can't look out the window and watch as the beauty of God's creation screams out in nature.
I believe the thief is interested in killing the plans God has for us to live.
I believe his destruction is not to be taken lightly, but we should know in advance, his game plan is on us.

But Jesus says, "I have come to give you life, and life more abundantly."

May I be a follower who recognizes abundance.
May I hear the beauty of God all around me, drowning out the insignificance of worldly things.
May I stop and just wait for the rey of sunlight to peek through the trees, and remind me….

To God be the Glory…GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!!

Let me know what you think

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