It's no secret, certain parts of Africa are under great distress.  Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, all have places where people still live in mud huts, travel in the darkness of night, and farm with primitive tools.  But one thing I noticed last week, teenagers worship much the same in Rwanda as they do in America.

I don't really know that I expected to see anything different, but when the thousands of teenagers decided it was time to worship God, they gave everything.  They gave all of their body, all their voice, all their spirit; and when they all started in on praising the creator, it was almost like I was standing on the streets of Gold in Heaven.  WOW!!  I can't explain it very well here in a blogpost, but I was thinking tonight about the powerful worship sessions we had last week, and I just started praying.  I started thanking God for being a part of a beautiful global village of Christians who all worship the same God.

The God who created all we see.
The God who knows the number of hairs on our head.
The God who saw fit to adopt us into His Kingdom.
The God who ultimately made a way for us to know Him intimately through the death and resurrection of His Son.

I guess, tonight, I'm just thankful for such a wonderful Global family, and I can't wait to see where God takes us in the future.  It's been a beautiful ride thus far, and I'm so excited to see where the future takes this ministry. 

Thanks for your support.
Thanks for your prayers.

Keep praying for the youth of Rwanda.  They've got a wonderful start to show the world, even in Africa; teenagers can worship God in a wonderfully beautiful way.

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  1. Hello:) I left a message or two on your blog while you were in Rwanda, I’m sure your time there was precious and fleeting! My heart has been drawn to learn more an more about Rwanda and the orphans there. I have been particularly moved by the words shared in books written by Immaculee Ilibigaza. She is a genocide survivor with much to share.
    Anyways:) I am moved by what you and your family and friends are hopeful to do, and, wonder if your works will involve any orphan care within areas of Africa?

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