Durango has already proved to be a wonderful town.  I got a call from a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, and she invited us out to hang with the group supporting the Lance Armstrong, Travis Brown, Matt Shiver team that raced the Leadville 100. 

We drove into Buena Vista last night, had dinner, and lots of laughs with the families. 

This morning at 6:00 am, we pulled up to the starting block, and watched 1400 racers take off for one of Mountain Biking's hardest races.  We watched Lance whizz by, Travis Brown speed over a levy, and my good friend Brandon Lee, who rode the whole thing on a single speed bike. 

What a great atmosphere. 

Thanks Mary, for letting us come and be a part of the race.  What a treat to watch the best bikers in the world. 

Looking forward to Jamie Jo and the kids coming out here soon.  We secured a home, so we're official Durangonians now.  WOW!!  What a year!

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