It was 2002, and the whole State of Colorado was on fire. There was a big fire near Denver, and on June 10th, the Missionary Ridge Fire started about 10 miles away from camp.  I called the fire department every hour on the hour for three days, and they assured me we were in no danger. 
On June 15, we evacuated. 
We sent 200 high school students home, and 100 staff had to be released for three weeks, as the fire department, the national guard, and the local police department kept us from being able to get to the camp.  I remember thinking, "Well, K-Colorado was a good idea.  I guess I'm looking for a new job."
After three weeks being out, we drove up the road toward camp one Sunday morning.  I remember praying, "God, please let us get in there and see what happened." 
Sure enough, the national guard vehicles were gone, and we drove right up to the gate. 
I expected to see buildings smoldering in small ash piles on the ground. 
I'd been dreaming of what it might be like to see all our equipment burned to a crisp.
I just new, it was over.
As we pulled up to the front driveway, I couldn't believe my eyes.
The camp, and everything within the gates was still in tact. 
No signs of fire…AT ALL!
The chief of police said, "Andy, you know the big man upstairs was looking out for you."
The Fire chief commented, "I've never seen anything like that.  You guys are super lucky."
But I knew.
I knew God spared this place for a reason. 
I knew He had a mission He wanted us to accomplish.
I knew this was a modern day miracle. 
If you look at the map, the burn area looks like a huge butterfly on the page, fanned out in every direction accumulating over 75,000 acres.  But what the map doesn't show, K-Colorado in the middle of the supposed burn area, SURVIVED!!  It was amazing!
I tell this story almost 6 years later because I know God still has plans for this place. 
He still has work to do in the lives of teenagers around the globe. 
In fact, just two days ago, we had a student here who came from a Muslim background. 
We didn't try to convert Him.
We didn't try to twist his arm to believe in something he didn't want to.
But on the last day, he stood before his friends and said, "I've seen the real Jesus here among you.  Thank you for showing me how to live in a community to love each other." 
He went back to the Middle East yesterday, and is engaging in his normal life among his Muslim friends. 
God has blessed us in such amazing ways. 
It's such a blessing to be a part of His will.


  1. Thanks Andy for posting this! I will never forget this summer and the part it played in God’s redeeming path in this life of mine. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the K-Co team!

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