Africa Children

Our Youth conference is growing in momentum.  I've heard from several of you as you're reaching out to help on the financial side of the event.  Thanks so much for stepping out in faith, and helping to make this possible.  I know Bishop John is excited to begin a youth movement in the Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi area, and this could be a great opportunity for the Bishop to gather all the youth directors together in one place to worship and train. 

Many of you have asked about how to give, and since this is such short notice, we can take the funds through our non-profit company and give them directly to the Bishop. 

If you're interested in giving, make your check out to "Ahava Ministries." Ahava is our parent 501 (c) 3 company, and we can issue tax letters for the 2009 tax season.  In the memo line, write "Rwanda Teen Event."  Our address is 9658 C.R. 501, Bayfield, CO, 81122. 

We'll be sure you get credit for this year, and you'll be doing a great favor to the ministry happening in Rwanda. 

Thanks so much. 

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