I got so excited just a minute ago, I had to post something about it. 

I just check the numbers for next year's enrollment out here at Camp KIVU, and once again, God has continued to bless this place.  We are ahead of our enrollment from last year already, and we haven't even finished the 2009 camp season yet.  WHAT A DEAL!!

The terms are starting to fill up fast, as the buzz is out. 

So, go ahead and feel free to check out the website.  We've got over 400 registered users on the community site, and teenagers from around the world are starting to connect with their own photos, their own videos, and they're starting to have REAL discussions about faith, RIGHT ONLINE.

Come join us for an awesome 2010 summer if you have the chance, but if not, sit back and join the conversations going on as we try to pinpoint teenagers and their gifts in light of the Christian Worldview. 

Thanks so much for your prayers, and thanks for believing in a place that has the potential to change the course of the next generation.

God bless!!

Let me know what you think

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