It's always such an honor to share with our parents about the upcoming changes out here in Durango.  Next year, Jamie Jo and I are launching a brand new adventure called KIVU. 

Our website is up and running, and it couples a social networking platform with all the registration, videos, photos, and forums you come to expect from a cyber neighborhood.  It's really easy to use.

1.) You can sign up for a free profile, where you can upload your own media to your own site.  You can connect with friends, start conversations about spiritual things, or just sit back and watch as teenagers create the most interesting groups to be a part of.  The best thing is ITS ALL FREE!!

2.)  If you're interested in being a part of the new movement, you can register online for 2010 and reserve a spot.  You don't have to pay the tuition in full, but if you know of a teenager who's interested in being a part of a 'change the world' movement, under the banner of the Christian Worldview, make sure you sign them up.  2010 is sure to be an exciting summer.

3.)  The Community section at the top has a place where we can start a Forum of discussion.  You're more than welcome to ask questions, give answers, or just connect with people who are thinking about the same issues ass you are. 

All in all, when I presented this idea to the parents last night, they were so excited!! 

We'll be continuing to make sure KIVU is a place where teenagers, college students, and parents can come to find answers about the deepest truths of the faith.  And, we are committed to have fun all along the way!! 

Come join us.  Click on the icon above, and you'll be directed to the site.  See you there!!

Let me know what you think

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