Family can take a whole lot of forms today, can't it?

Mom and Dad
Brother and Sister
Father and Son
Mother and Daughter

The family unit today can be mixed up, made up, and thrown together in a cornucopia of different arrangements.  (like that word?)

I guess the important part of every family is the glue that holds them together. 

Out here at our place in Colorado, http://www.campkivu.com, we see family as an important part of growing up.  We know the impact we can have on each other, and we try to utilize every part of our family unit to bring glory to Jesus. 

We know there are different strengths to the 'body.'  Just like Paul said, "There are many members but one body." (Romans 12).  And we try to invite the strengths of all people to surface every day.  Whether it's the strengths of the teenagers that are living here, or the staff who are giving every part of their lives to see the strength of the little family unit we have out here, I'm amazed at how giving this family has become. 

They rejoice with each other.
They mourn with each other.
They dance together.
They encourage each other.

It's such a blessing just to sit back and watch the 'family' of God work together in such unity.  I'm so lucky to get a chance to watch the body of Christ function like it's supposed to. 

Wouldn't it be such a ride to watch the church, para-church, and everyone who followed Jesus, to lay down our petty weaknesses, and focus on our strengths?  Issues like community well being, global racism, and the jealousy that occurs among God's people…wouldn't it be amazing to watch Jesus' commandment, "By this the world you will know you are my disciples by the way you love one another" (John 13) come into play?

I'm committed to showing teenagers what that looks like. 

Thanks for your prayers.
Thanks for your encouragement.
I'm overwhelmed by your support.

May we stop and focus on what it truly means to be a family of God who love Him, and love each other. (Matthew 22).  It is this small nuance that makes the world wonder….
May we be a family.

Let me know what you think

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