The first year I was doing camp, I went to the new volleyball court, and there was NO net, NO ball, and the sand was really rough.  I was just a counselor at the time, and didn't know any better, but I figured there were issues if the equipment wasn't up and running.

So, we decided to make our own game.

We called it, hide the treasure!

The objective of the game was that someone would take off a sock, and dig a hole in the sand, while the rest of the cabin hid their eyes.  Then when the person digging felt like they finished well enough, they would say "GO!" and everyone would dig around the volleyball court to find the sock.

I know, it doesn't sound very appealing.
I know it sounds kind of ghetto for a camp to play 'hide the treasure.'
But you know…

Those kids still talk about that game, and it was 10 years ago.

Of course we've since ordered all the equipment to make sure we're running a good program, but it's interesting that 'hide the treasure' is still at the top of the list of favorite camp games.

I think it's not so much the stuff that keeps kids interested, but the time we spend with them.  I think if we took a second out of our busy lives to just invest relationships with other people, it doesn't matter what you do….it will be the favorite.

I sure love what I'm doing out here.  Developing friendships from all over the globe.  WAY FUN!!

Have a super day…

And go play a little 'hide the treasure.'  You never know the memories you'll be making.


  1. I want Branerball back. I didn’t play it at Kamp last year. I better get to play it when I come.

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