Sometimes when I read the Bible, I find myself asking questions about all the parts that are clearly NOT in the text.  Things like…

What did Jesus and the disciples joke about?
What did they 'do' all day?
When they traveled, were they all serious all the time, or did they just lay around and talk about the creation of the world?
What kinds of questions did they ask Jesus?

It's probably not on the forefront of your mind, but when trying to re-create a place where students can know the intimacy of Jesus life, it's part of life that comes up.

Leisure time is a part of life.  We CAN'T go through life working EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.  God gave us a picture when the Bible says, "And on the Seventh day, He rested." 

Another reason I love being a part of this kind of ministry out here in Colorado.  We are re-enforcing the ministry skills necessary to go out in the world and share the Love of God, but we're also committed to helping kids understand the necessity of leisure.  They work SO hard during the school year, and trying to keep up with all their friends; it's healthy for them to come and REST!

Here at the top of the rock, they just hang out, enjoy the view, and talk about the deepest issues concerning their life.  It's AWESOME!!

Thanks for hanging here.  We're so excited about the newest part of the ministry.  Camp Kivu is up and running online, and we'd love for you to come and join us online at  Camp Kivu.  You can sign up for a profile, register for camp, or see the newest, up and coming events happening in the lives of teens around the country. 

Happy surfing!

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