Remember going to summer camp, or a retreat with your church, or some kind of meeting that built up to the last day?  Well, camping for decades, has a through line…a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

Welcome to camp…let's have fun…THE BEGINNING.
Let's do stuff…going out on all the activities….THE MIDDLE
Alter call…come to the cross…THE END

It's been functioning like that for so many years, I think teenagers are tired.  They're tired of the same old process.  They smell through the programs we think are cool, and they want something fresh and different. 

That's why, we've decided to hand over the reigns, and let teenagers have responsibility.

We've told the teens here at K-Colorado, it's up to you!  If you want to have fun, it will be up to you.  We've provided all the coolest 'stuff' and 'staff' and now it's time for you to step to the plate and invest a little of your life in this place. 

The beginning then becomes a little more about getting to know each other.
The middle is about developing community and understanding how to live with each other.
And the end…well, it's up to them.

I give the oldest students the opportunity to develop a program where they can share their hearts with the rest of the camp.  It's THEIR NIGHT.  I tell them I'll help however they need, but for the most part, it's up to them.

And what I find is, teenagers rise to responsibility.  If we cater to them all their lives, they never have the chance to grow up and express the gifts God specifically gave them.  It's almost like we're keeping them from working through their own way to tell the world, "Here I am."  We've protected to almost a fault.


When they get a little responsibility, and have the chance to express…Well, GREAT THINGS have happened here at this place in Durango, because students were at the helm of leadership. 

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