I love working with teenagers.

You know, when they get a goal in mind, and they're motivated to achieve it, look at the look in this guy's eyes? 

I wonder how many of us have the same determination when it comes to following Jesus. 

Not the "I got to church every Sunday" mentality, but really implementing the teachings of Jesus in everyday life.

What are we doing about Salt and Light? (Matthew 5:13-16)
What about anger? (Matthew 5:21-16)
Divorce? (Matthew 5:31)
Our response to getting back at our enemies? (Matthew 5:38-48)

Sometimes I think we see Jesus' teachings as the spiritual suggestions to live life, without trying to see them as a goal that can be attained.  I guess we're just like those old apathetic teenagers.

Or maybe, just maybe, with a little help; we can get the same look of determination in our eye.
Maybe we can get the same feeling inside our soul that wants to take this thing seriously.
Maybe we can stop justifying the world, and start wanting our spiritual life to make a difference.

I don't know…

Just thinking….

1 Comment

  1. Andy-man…
    …you are so loved by we two here!!!
    …you and all of your immediate family, and the new one coming…woo, hoo!!
    …your “just thinking” had me laugh outloud, for doing that you are sounding more and more like Richard Rohr when he often says (inviting us to live in paradox), “It is what it is.”
    …just got the results of my biopsy, and, praise God, it’s benign…but I was prepared to do some “thinking” with the “what it is” should it have been different…much relief in this olde soul…and praises reaching out to the Triune.

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