It's not what you're thinking.  Jamie Jo isn't pregnant, at least that we know of.  But, what we do know is our little guy from Rwanda has been identified, and we're working feverishly on bringing him home.  Here he is world, John de Dieu.  (yep, that's just the first name.)

It literally means "John of God," and my buddy who teaches French says it's what the writers of the Bible use to describe John the Baptist.

I'm pretty excited, as our quiver will be full, and I can't wait to meet this little dude.  We've got a lot of catching up to do.


  1. Hi Andy,
    What wonderful news, Praise God! I am sharing in your joy and we have never met! I am a Kanakuk parent (our kiddos are @ k-west and k-kountry right now, hence the time to “surf”) that appreciates your blog so much. Thank you for all you do! Although we have not met, Rwanda has always been in my heart and I am gifted with a trip there this fall w/ Compassion International to meet our precious sponsored little girl. I am also wondering if we are being led to adopt and have explored a little with America World and imagine my surprise when looking into their Rwanda program seeing you and your wife’s name there and picture too! I have checked in here from time to time and was led here again today and wanted you to know you have my prayers as you bring your son, John home. I look forward to hearing about your beautiful journey with him and will let you know should we travel a similar road…
    Carlene Murray
    (kanakuk parent/ohio)

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