AnNi for Orphans is back online.  It is the company Jamie Jo and I began several years ago to help families begin to finance their own adoption process.  The business model is simple….

We create t-shirts, hats, and other clothes for a premium.  The sales of the clothes go to help people interested in adoption to be able to afford the expense.  SImple, right?

Our first joint venture was this Feb. when the Blackwell family from Branson Missouri brought home little Rah from Ethiopia.  We've got two test families online right now to see if we can help individual families with their own designs.  Those shirts will be up and running online by the end of the week. 

But the biggest news…AnNi is having a sale.

Go ahead and surf over to the website and check out the new 2009 line, along with several items that have been marked down from our 2008 product lines. 

We're still interested in helping orphans, and we hope; with your help, we can bring more orphans home to their families. 

God bless, and happy shopping.  Just click on the picture above to get to annifororphans.com. 

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