The newest camp phenomenon is on the way, Camp KIVU.  Formerly known as Kanakuk Colorado, Camp Kivu is already up and running and taking registrations for 2010.  It's amazing to see God work in such an amazing time.  With the economy down, and people wondering what is really going to happen this next year, parents and teenagers are already putting their money down for an unbelievable experience in 2010. 

As we created the website, the obvious piece was online registration.  So if you want to come out and experience the beauty of Colorado in the summertime while it's 110 degrees at home; you can click on our registration page and reserve a spot.  But I wanted more.

I wanted to make sure there was a place for an online community to grow, so we incorporated much of the functionality of Facebook, and Twitter into the site.  I wanted a place where students, parents, college students, and whoever wants to be a part of the online discussion, can create their own profile, and start talking together. 

You can create groups, upload your favorite photos, link your favorite videos, or even upload your home creations right there on your own profile. 

The site has been up about 4 weeks, and we've already had a number of profiles made, SEVERAL people already reserving their spot for 2010, and a host of online discussions already beginning. 

I'm so thankful!!
Thankful to be  part of something that is going to last.
Thankful to be a part of helping families understand the Christian Worldview, and how to act on those principles in REAL LIFE.
Thankful to have a staff dedicated to the mission.
Thankful for God's grace.

It's an awesome ride, as we've already watched over 1300 people join our facebook group.

So, if you're looking for a place to relax in the summertime out here in cool Colorado…
Or, you're just interested in having a place online where we can have some fun talking about REAL FAITH issues…
Come on by 

You'll be glad you did.

Let me know what you think

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