Can you imagine what this guy is thinking right here? 

One of our favorite pastimes at K-Colorado is hard shell Kayaking down the lower Animas River.  It is soooo much fun.  But, when I saw this picture, there was a litany of comic strip type bubbles coming to mind.


Can you see it.

When the thrill of adventure meets the opportunity to enjoy, it's the greatest part of life.

That's why we do what we do.

We seek to give teenagers the opportunity to meet the thrill of adventure through whatever gift God has given them.  We love when teenagers find that "thing" they are good at, so they can go Glorify God in whatever way He created them to be.  And to be perfectly honest….don't we all want that?

Some are going to enjoy going down rivers in a kayak, while others of us enjoy climbing.  Some enjoy biking, while others enjoy basketball.  And still others are gifted musicians that just need an outlet to fan their gift into flame (2 Tim 1) and allow God to show them the adventure of life.

I love this picture, because it SOOOO captures what I want my life to be about, as I encourage young people to experience and exercise life to the fullest in the face of adventure.

Have a Great day today, and may God bring YOU face to face with the thrill of life's adventure!

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