It's time we start talking straight with our kids.  Moms and Dads, it's time to get down to the heart of issues with teens, because it's defiantly a scary world for young adults in the world today.  I've held off from saying it's a lot worse today than when I was in High School, but this conversation, shown in this picture, although it seems happy here, was a deep dark look inside the hallways at the local schools.

The question this day was, "Ok, so shoot me straight…what is it like dating in High School?"

The answers would cause even the most 'in the know' adults to drop their jaws. 

You can't even imagine the stuff that's going on at the high school dances, the parties without parental advisement, even the stuff that happens in class as teachers continue lecturing unaware.  The sexting is rampant, the physical relationships have far exceeded anything normal and acceptable, and my concern has grown exponentially.

We must begin address this somehow.  We've got to get to the heart of the issue, and I truly believe the issue is that kids today are feeling ever more alone than ever.  They have no outlet of community, so they're reaching out and allowing hormones to fill a deep cavern of loneliness. 

I also believe we've allowed the DJ's, Movie Moguls, and Celebrity lifestyles to teach our kids what relationships are all about.  Britney, Christina, Paris, and Lil' Wayne are teaching us that sexuality is something we do because it's fun, rather than the emotional relational factor that accompanies such an act of commitment.

If you have teenagers, please; talk to them about the relationships at school.
If you don't….Please pray for the state of the union with our kids.

There are real live consequences for kids today, and we MUST be about helping the next generation transfer from childhood to adulthood with as few consequences for poor choices as possible. 

Because…Today….it's life and death.

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  1. We are the spiritual covering for our children–seems we may have forgotten that. Thank you for this honest insight.

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