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Did God choose me?  Did I choose God?  Am I responsible for my actions?  Does God know what I'm going to do before I do it?

These are the questions that come up every single term.  Students from all over the world are asking the same questions.  Does God know, and what is my responsibility in this life?

I guess it's an important doctrine to study, as it shapes our view of God and His sovereignty.
I know their concern for relatives and friends that haven't chosen to be followers of Jesus.
I'm sure it's way more fun to talk about than to really live out our convictions



Is this the sum total of doctrine people are concerned with?

I guess I'm a simplistic thinker when it comes to this point, because I know there have been theologians a lot smarter than I am who've worked on this problem for thousands of years.  I can see both sides of the issue, and the bottom line for me…what's my responsibility either way?

For if God chooses us, He obviously uses humanity to "Go and make Disciples" so we have to go.
And If we choose Him, we have a part to play to "Go and make Disciples"  (Matthew 28) and again…going is inferred.

So really….do we need to keep arguing?

Can't we read Jesus' message in Matthew 22, and figure out how we can Love God, and Love our Neighbor, and once we get that one down, it seems like things just start falling into place. (after all, tha's what He said, 'All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.)

I don't know, but it seems like teenagers are just mirror images of us.  Some are really searching for the answer, but most are just trying to start stirring the pot of division.  Wouldn't be ok if we sat at the table of God's great paradox, and just focused on the things we knew needed to be taken care of?

Have we loved the least of these yet?
Have we learned how to love our enemies?
Have sought out how to implement spiritual discipline in our daily lives?
How about going to all nations?  Have we been victorious over class struggles and racism?

I respect the opinions of both sides, and I see the scriptural references for each.  I do believe God is sovereign in all circumstances, but I'm really ok saying, "Can we just wait to ask that one when we see Him?"  Life is too short to foster division in the church.  Let's focus on the things we "KNOW" to be true, like "Pure and undefiled religion is this, that we take care of orphans and widows in their distress, and that we remain unstained from the world." (James 1:27) 

So, maybe when there are no orphans in the world, and all the widows have been relieved, we can sit around the theological table of debate, and give it another go.

Anyone feel similar?


  1. Amen man! This is a huge problem at my school. I go to a Christian liberal arts school, and this has ALWAYS been a problem. It has led to SO much drama at my school. I have an opinion on it, but I still just wish that it would create so much disunity.

  2. …I see a new book title
    “Setting The Table of God’s Great Paradox”
    …by Andy Braner 🙂
    …prayers going up times per day for all of you there at Camp Kivu…’er Kanakuk Colorado

  3. I think the heart of the question is that somehow it feels unloving that God would choose some and not others. I’m kind of where Andy is…see both sides of the argument and am at personal peace that it is a mystery that I won’t understand–or should understand–and it does NOT change my response. But people outside of the faith really are hurt by the idea of a God who could and would choose some and not others. But if we, in the covenant, were living lives of love, I think the question would diminish.
    Aren’t we all just so deeply seeking to be loved?

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