It's an amazing adventure to begin.  Jamie Jo and I decided that we were ready to venture out and start a new idea in camping.  Taking all that we've learned over the last 12 years at Kanakuk Kamps, and fusing it with a Christian Worldview/Practical Faith type of community is already turning out to be a wild ride.

People are coming out of the woodwork with support from profesional advice to financial gifts to help us realize a place that is built on the foundations of faith.  (We're certainly not trying to create a personal kingdom) But as one of my teenagers keeps reminding me, we are all about knowing God, and making Him known around the world through our actions.

Already, our online presence is already growing exponentially.  Our website has over 130 registered profile users who are actively engaging in loading their favorite photos, videos, and starting various groups where they can have their own conversations of life, faith, and responsibility.  If you haven't seen it yet, go ahead and stop by and check out what's going on.  You can create your own profile and be a part of our community, even if you haven't been to our camp yet.

Our facebook group has been up for about a week, and already we have over 900 members joining us on this awesome journey.  You're more than welcome to come and see the latest videos, photos, or Frequently Asked Questions, as we reach out to our facebook networks at Our Group Link.   

But the most exciting part of the whole newness, is how many people are engaging to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of teenagers and college students.  There are people, literally around the world, who are calling and wondering how they can get involved.  Old counselors are saying, "Just call me, and I'll be out there."  Old campers are writing in, "How can I work there next year?"  And people who can see the totality of the vision are networking to try and figure out how to partner together in an effort to develop a community of people known for their Love for God and their Love for Others.  

I know it sounds naive, but I'm literally sitting with some of my best friends who are seeing a community building that can change the world as we know it.  I'm watching teenagers who are excited and motivated to join in God's mission around the world through this vehicle. And I'm humbled and honored to just play a part.

It's fun to be in the middle of what God's people are doing, even if most of them are all under 25 years old.  HA!!

Come join us online.  They'll be much more coming, as our plans are to include a year round communication through various resources to help encourage, equip, and empower students to live life the way God created them to be.

See you there! 

1 Comment

  1. …especially encouraged that there are 25 and youngers
    …we oldies need to keep cheering you on
    …looking forward some day to some conversation with these radicals God is raising up through Camp Kivu
    …indeed, praise be to God!!!

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