Timket_011907 Every year, I teach students about basic apologetics.  What is apologetics, you might ask?  Simply put, the study of apologetics is to understand how to defend a certain position you might have toward a special issue. 

There are apologetics for economic systems, apologetics for Social agendas, but the study we engage is the apologetics for faith.  Basically, why do we believe what we do, and what difference does it make to the world?

So, I start with the classics.  My friend Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias, and Bill Craig, have mentally mentored me to a pop-apologetics style, but the life part is my favorite. 

Today we're working on the ark of the covenant, and the theory it might truly be an archaeological find in Axum Ethiopia, which is VERY interesting.  But, at the bottom line, apologetics doesn't mean a thing if we can't develop a relationship with people that we can show God's love to. 

It's really hard to know a lot about the history of the faith, and look at someone who doesn't believe with a sincere mind. However; our job as Christians isn't to out think those around us, it's to love those around us.

May we continue to sharpen our mind in our understanding of the most sacred parts of our faith. 
May we reach out to people across the globe to show them how much we care about people.
May teenagers rise up and take their generation by force as they love each other. 

It's SUPER fun out here at K-Colorado.  Be sure to check out our new website, http://www.campkivu.com

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