As I've written so many times before, the blessings of leading students to a deep spiritual relationship is that most of the time I get the sacred privilege of watching them go on and begin their own lives.  Some of those students stick around for a while, and I get a chance to watch as they fall in love, and start their own families.

So tomorrow, I'm on my way to Phoenix Arizona to perform a wedding for two of my former students.  They both started as campers out at K-Colorado, and then came on staff for a few years. 

Thursday, I'll get a chance to perform another time honored sacred traditional marriage to unite them in a life long adventure.  I can't wait!!

We've to a van heading south for the wedding, and then back in action as we have 200 teenagers showing up in Durango on Monday. 

Life is crazy right now, but OH what a ride!!

Please pray for traveling mercies, and good stories with my van of great friends. 

Phoenix….Here I come.

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  1. I’m seriously looking for Kanakuk folk in Arizona!!! I am an 80’s Kamp alum, and I worked at a Kitchie in college. Any ideas on how to get a platform for Kanakuk here in the desert?

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