It's finally that time of year when the staff out here at K-Colorado will start entering the gates.  What a thrill!!  For some, it's been 9 long months waiting and watching for the chance to come back and be a part of a greater family.  For others, this will be their first time to join us in our work to help influence a generation. 

The nerves are on high.
The expectations are all over the map.
The reunion will be an incredible orchestra of hugs and screams, as joy invades this place.

We're so excited to see what God is going to do out here this year.  We are patiently anticipating incredible things as we wait on the Lord. 

If you think about it today….

Please pray for us.
Pray that we are constantly following Jesus, as we try to glorify His name.
Pray we are a people that see the value of togetherness.
Pray for our training sessions, as they will set the stage for thousands of teenagers to come and experience God in a wonderful setting.
Pray we will see the vision God wants us to see.

And, if you want to join me today on the radio, we're going to open this session up right.  Just click on the button below, as we talk about the last week's blog entries, and continue developing a community of faith online.  God bless.  Hope to see you soon.

Listen to Braner on Blog Talk Radio

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