Men working
Every summer starts the same, here at Kanakuk Colorado.  The first rag tag bunch of guys rolls in ready to roll up their sleeves and get dirty.  It's called "Uncle Week" in honor of Uncle Bill Lantz, the Father of Kanakuk; and to be honest, it's one of my favorite weeks of the year. 

With the rough and tough manliness that comes through the gates today, there is a delicate balance of fun and work.  The project management that has to be thought through is like a 500 piece puzzle set, and if you miss a piece, it has the potential of sacrificing for the staff who come in just under a week from today. 

This week is really important to the vitality of the Kamp.  And I couldn't ask for a better group of dudes to walk with.  Jarod Sickler has done an unbelievable job putting together a group of guys who are wide eyed and ready to tackle the world. 

They'll be many power tools used.
Lot's of logs moved.
Much painting done.
And at the end of the week, we'll be ready for 150 staff members to come in and start training. 

If you're praying today, please pray for safety. 
Pray that we can grow in our relationships.
Pray that we see the mystery of God in the fullness of who He is.
Pray that the fellas can begin setting the tone for the summer.

Thanks so much. 

Opening day is just around the corner, and I can't wait to share it with you. 

God Bless.

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