it was a beautiful spring day. The green shown through the forest like an emerald island after weeks of intense spring rain.

The landscape was groomed with immaculate precision, and the music began to play. As the cello started in on the deep melody, the mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers were all seated.

I lead the groomsman down a maze of stairs to a little private pond back in the deep woods. We walked out on the dock, turned, and waited.

The music suddenly changed, and the beautiful bridesmaids came walking down the staircase, some smiling, others crying, but all added to the most gorgeous wedding I’ve ever been a part of.

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for, the wedding march.

Sweet Julia, escorted by her father, made the long walk out to the end of the dock, joined the groom to begin one of the most sacred ceremonies we have the chance to participate in.

It was a wonderful reception, many kind words were shared, but the image of the bride joining her bridegroom on that quiet little dock, was stirring.

I guess the beauty was exaggerated, because it was only a year ago I sat on the same dock with Will, the groom’s younger brother.

It was a weekend of tragedy, as some of you remember, when sweet innocent Maria was killed in a freak accident last May 21.
This was the same dock I wept with my friend over the loss of his sister.
It was the same dock I held him tight and prayed for the enemy if guilt to be defeated.
It was the same dock we watched the moon come up over the horizon, and both feared the dreams poised to haunt us that night.

But yesterday, the scene as quite different.

The dock once known for tragedy only a year ago, became the place of celebration.

For now, the dock represented a union between a man and a woman under the banner of God’s love.
It was no longer a place to weep, but rather; a place to rejoice for my friends who were on the verge of committing their lives to one another.
It was no longer a place of defeat, but yesterday, the enemy was defeated in the same place he tried to claim victory only a year ago.

What a sacred privelege!!

To walk on holy ground, and be a part of something so special!! I’m honored to be a part of what God is doing to create life changers who are committed to following Jesus, and seeing the victory through to the end.

Thanks for praying.
Thanks for your continued support.
I’m so grateful for your friendship.

Today, the first of our staff start rolling into Durango. It won’t be long now, “the kids are coming” Spike White used to say. And I can’t wait!!!

Hope to see you soon!!A wonderful wedding day

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  1. Andy, what a terrific website you’ve created. It’s so full of your heart, and your heart is sooooo full. Keep growing in love and your heart will continue to grow in compassion. Keep reaching out and your arms will encircle more little ones for the Kingdom. Keep on watching and your eyes will see the King before He comes.
    Much love, Mary and John

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