Here I sit; far away from home, my home away from home, Starbucks.  I'm far away from all the mothers in my world while I'm in Nashville, performing a wedding for a great friend of mine, but my heart this morning is with Jamie and all the mothers that have made such a wonderful impact on my life. 

I remember sitting at Kanakuk, listening to one of my heroes, Spike White, talk about mothers.  He used to parade little wooden figurines of animals across the stage when he talked about all the wonders of mothers in the natural world. 

He talked of the ducks taking care of their young, the geese that fought for their eggs, and the mammals who make sure their young were going to make it in the wide wide world.  "Mothers are the Heroes, you know it?" He used to ask.

And He was right. 

It doesn't take too long of a walk through the animal kingdom to see the males who parade around with their colorful feathers, loud mating calls, and laze fair attitudes.  We just think we know what work is, but the mothers of the world….they've got it down.

My memories of growing up all center around a mom who drove me to the sporting events, dropped me off at school every day, and even provided for the most essential parts of living.  She made sure there was plenty to eat, enough clothes to not go naked (most of the time), and even enough 'fun' events around the house so we wouldn't go bored.  She taught us manners, made sure we got our homework finished, and introduced us to the wonderful world of music and art.  WOW, so much time!  And I was a knucklehead the entire time!

When I met Jamie, my full appreciation for my own mother came full circle.  I had no idea what it took to be a mom, until I watched Jamie start feeding Hays, changing diapers, and trying to run a household.  It's really an amazing thing to watch a young woman turn on the "mother gene" when she has children.  I think it's one of those things God created in the very beginning of creation, mainly; a knack for knowing what to do, and when to do it.  I tried to keep up.  I really did.  But every time I got close, I just sat back and took cues from my wife. 

I remember holding Hays when he was a little baby thinking, "And now, what do I do with this?"  But Jamie…she never had that issue.  She just kept up, lock stock and barrel with issues in his life, training and teaching for life, and providing for the family.  And she's still going.  You should see how she's getting the kids involved in our new community in Durango.  She's signing them up for activities, making sure they start making friends, and even trying to work in those 'fun' times so they don't get bored.  

I know I'm rambling a bit, but the feeling of knowing there are Mothers who literally sacrifice their own lives to allow somebody like me to not only survive life, but to fully enjoy the abundance of all life has to offer…well, it deserves more appreciation than a carnation on a random Sunday in May.  It deserves an ultimate sacrifice. 

Sacrifice for protection.
Sacrifice for provision.
Sacrifice for care emotionally and spiritually. 

I'm just honored to know so many great women.  

So today, Here's to you, Audrey, Darnell, Sharon, Debbie Jo, and my dearest Jamie.  May your day today be filled with much joy, and may you know how much you mean to those you've sacrificed for. 

And for those of you who have mothers in your life today, make sure they know. 

Make sure they know how much you care.
Make sure they know how grateful you are.
Make sure, even if you've been estranged for some time, that today is the day for forgiveness and reconciliation. 

After all, it's what we're doing here, as we follow Jesus; even as we deal with our relationship with mom. 

God bless you today moms.  May you be blessed. 

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  1. Thanks, sweetie! That was WAY better than a bunch of ugly carnations! 🙂 I love you so much and wish you were here!

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