It's a black eye in U.S. history.  The Iraq prison called Abu Gharaib, where U.S. soldiers were taking pictures of compromising acts of torture for the prisoners during the early years of the Iraqi conflict, has brought so much attention to an international debate.  The current administration is standing strong against torture, while others are calling the stand a weakness in the U.S. military.  The debate is easy to see. 
1.  If someone has information that could save innocent lives….
2.  What measures are we prepared to take to extract that information?

A recent survey shows that the more someone attends church, the more likely they are to favor torture.  The survey read that More than half of people who attend services at least once a week — 54
percent — said the use of torture against suspected terrorists is
"often" or "sometimes" justified.

So my question…

Is this what people of faith want to be known for? 

Are we ready to accept the facts given that if we hold people in prison, we who are labeled Christians, are more likely to use methods of extracting information that compromise seeing someone as human?

I'm not advocating either side of the debate.  I don't know what I think about this.  In fact, i'm still trying to wrestle this one in lieu of my faith coupled with the fact that I believe in consequences for actions. 

The current article made me cringe a little.  Is this right?  Or wrong?  Let's talk about it. 

For more information on the survey see, The CNN.com article


  1. I think the problem is torture is just a word to people; it carries no attachment. They can’t understand its full meaning until they’ve been opened up to the pain it causes.. until they see it attached to a real live human being.

  2. During World War II, the Germans were known to use some kind of drug
    that causes psychological torture. Does anyone know what the name of
    the drug is?
    What it causes? And can it be consumed or does it have to be used with
    a needle?

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