Real life  

Sundays are my favorite.  We've been attending, for the last 12 years, the only Mega-Church in the Springfield area.  It was 12 years ago we walked into a church that averaged 3500 people on a Sunday, and last week over 15,000 people came to hear the gospel.  It was quite a service, but the most encouraging part of the whole thing is, there were almost 260 people that decided to follow Jesus last Sunday morning.  Isn't that incredible.

As our pastor says, it's not about numbers, but numbers sometimes gives at least an initial indicator of what is going on at the church. And I'm telling you, there's no place like James River.  Ever since I sat on the back row with an eye of critique, to my days as the college pastor, I've been awed by the hearts of the leadership team serving at this church.  I've seen them on stage, and been in meetings with them during the week, and I can tell you with certainty they are trying to follow Jesus as best they know how. 

We've come to love this place, and the people in it.  And even though it seems huge and ominous, even tonight, our closest friends gathered around us in a small setting to pray for our big transition. 

I'll miss this place.

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