We finished our garage sale, and I must say, there is something rather freeing from not having so much stuff in the house.  I'm sure there are others who found hidden treasures as they scoured the tables of stuff, and we donated three truck loads of stuff to the church army here in town after it was all over, but I'm going to have to admit, I'm beat!

As I was driving down the road with the stuff in tow, I kept asking myself, "What am I going to miss about this place when we move to Colorado?" 

Then I saw the dogwoods. 

Now, if you haven't been to Missouri in the springtime and seen the dogwoods coming out in the deep woods, you've definitely missed what spring is all about.

So today, I'm admitting it.  I'm going to miss Missouri and the spring cycles, but I'm excited about the new adventure moving out west.  What a great place to be.

1 Comment

  1. …agreed!
    …there’s nothing like Springtime in Missouri!!
    …there’s nothing like Springtime in the Rockies!!!
    …I think I like Springtime everywhere, but not necessarily the rest of the seasons everywhere
    …will be praying for some added rest tonight as you head west tomorrow
    …see you in just about 24 hours!

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