Pool 144

This is the pool of Bethesda. 

There was a legend in Jesus' day that a spirit of God would come down in the pool, swirl the waters around, and the first person to enter the pool upon the divine touch would be healed of his or her ailment. 

So you can imagine all the people that crowded this area.  This was the home for so many homeless, disabled, blind, mute, outcasts of society.  It was the beggar's ally, where people lined the hallways in hopes for a chance to be healed. 

Most would never see that day, but the hope kept them there.  Some for a little while, but the man in John 5 sat right here for "38 years" (John 5:5)  Can you believe that?  38 years?  I could see 38 minutes, maybe even 38 hours, and if you really stretched my brain, I could see someone sitting there for 38 days.  But 38 years?  No way!

The hope that existed around this pool, common among the people, must have given them  strength beyond measure.  They were motivated by the potential of healing. 

Then One Day, Jesus Walks In.

Jesus came to earth to begin the restoration of all that was wrong with the world, back to God.  He came to be the 'Messiah' the one who would lead the people out of bondage.  He came to be the hope of all mankind.  The hope for healing.  The hope for reconciliation.  The hope for a new way of living.  The kind of hope that would change everything.

Jesus looked over at the man who had been hoping for 38 years to be healed and asked, "Do you want to be healed?"  (v.6) What an important question for us today.  Do you want to be healed? 

I'm convinced some of us would answer "NO." 

We like our misery, it gives us comfort. 
We enjoy our depression, it gives us an identity.
We need the conflict and the disease in our life to let us 'be someone.' to the world.

And Jesus asks this man, 'do you want to be well?" 

I know the principles of hermeneutics don't allow for me to think that Jesus is asking me that same question He asked the man 2000 years ago, but the application of scripture is alive and well.  What if…

What if Jesus showed up today and asked you, "Do you want to be well?" 

1.  Do you have the hope that He has the power to make you well?  (and I don't mean just physical sickness.  I mean life wellness.  I mean a wellness with the world in a spiritual physical way.)

2.  Do you want to be well?

My challenge today is that we allow Jesus to heal. 

He can heal you physically.  I've seen miraculous things when people pray for healing both unexplainable, and by modern medicine.
He can heal your relationships with family or friends.
He can heal the sin that continues to plague your heart.
He can heal the emotional issues that feel like oppressive weights on your shoulders. 

When Jesus walked on the earth, He gave us little previews of the power to heal, like John 5.  But when Jesus walked out of the tomb, He showed us the ultimate power over the ultimate disease, death. 

Sometimes we just have to want to be healed.

Let me know what you think

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