"Blessed is the King who Comes in the name of The Lord.  Peace in Heaven, and Glory to God in the Highest."

It was the cry of tens of thousands of people on Jesus' entry into the temple.  They're time had come.  The Messiah was there, and they knew it. Even the Pharisees knew something was about to happen this week.  They approached the people and said, "Teacher, rebuke your disciples"  and Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, If they keep quiet, even the rocks will cry out." 

It was supposed to be the time when the Messiah came in to overthrow the evil Romans, and lift God's people back to their rightful place in the world. 
It was supposed to be the coronation of God's chosen King.
It was supposed to be the salvation of a people who were living in modern oppression like their ancestors did with the Babylonians. 

But often that which we expect from God often is turned on its head in His economy.

In God's economy, the King rides in on a donkey.
In God's economy, the praise of a man one day, turns into His crucifixion the next.
In God's economy, the sacrifice of a Son brings freedom and redemption for the whole world.
In God's economy, all is not what it seems.

The beginning of the Passion week is the beginning of a celebration that allows all the world to be free from the bondage of sin and death. 

As the Son of Man rides into the temple, Life will never be the same.

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