Working with Teenagers is a BLAST!!  I feel like they've all got hidden gifts the Lord has fashioned them with, and it's part of my job to begin searching for the those gifts.  The Bible mentions it when Paul says to, "Fan into Flame the gifts God has given," (2 Tim. 1:6-7) and part of the joy of working with students is to find that gift and encourage it.

I've watched some students fan into flame their love for people.
I've seen others fan into flame their love for athletics. 
Some for service.
Some for encouragement.
Others for hospitality.

And one of my long time friends just sent me a picture of a gift near to my heart, acting.


One of my long time friends Tyler was cast in a play at his church.  He was a blind man whose sight was restored by the touch of Jesus. 

When I got these pictures, my heart just smiled as I remembered conversations Tyler and I have had over the years concerning art, acting, and his own personal development.  The greatest part of it all is watching the Lord grow in Tyler's heart. 


It's been a joy to be a part of your growing up pal.  I wish you all the greatest.

May your gift reach no boundaries.
May those who are around you see the Love of God as you fan the flame.
May you be a light to others who need to know the Creator.

Let me know what you think

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