Tonight was one of the greatest nights of worship I've ever experienced.  If you've never seen 30 American teenagers worship God with 50 Rwandan teenagers, you've totally missed out.  The pastor at the youth group we were at was so gracious, and welcoming, and then it started.

The music started up, and they just sang until they had everyone dancing in the aisles, and singing the classic stereotypical African style.  It was AWESOME!! 

The pastor kept going on and on about being one body, one spirit, one family, one "global village" again.  It was incredible.  I had such a feeling of love and excitement, and I think the kids have really picked up on how to love people across all kinds of boundaries. 

God is good, and continues to be praised.  It's an incredible picture of what heaven must be like as we all worship God together.  In English.  In French.  And even in Kenyiawandan. 

God is so good.

Tomorrow I have a few meetings, and then it's back to the US.  We should land in Washington D.C. Saturday at 8:30 AM, so if you're looking to talk to anyone, they should be available then.  My phone was crushed the first day I was here, so I'll spend the weekend, trying to figure out how to deal without a cellphone, but after being here…..shouldn't be too hard.

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  1. Andy,
    This posting is great. I too think that the atmosphere at the youth fellowship was electric!
    By the way the local language is called “Kinyarwanda”…so good try.

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