So sorry for the late post.  Yesterday we got to the internet spot, and they were closed.  So here we are trying to break the day up , and make sure you see yesterday!!  Yesterday was an incredible Day in Rwanda.  We started with a two hour bus ride up to Ruingari, a town up near the border of Uganda.  It's the place where Bishop John's Episcopal Church is located, along with the Sonrise elementary school.  We saw crazy things on the drive….


The Kids Across Africa camp is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.  The kids had a great time mowing with Machetes, and touring the vision for the newest addition.  Be sure to check out, and see what they're up to.

Then We went to Project Rwanda where Tom Ritchey and his band of Bikers have invented a bike where the farmers can haul their coffee beans from the farm to the distribution outlets.  Check this out…

You should have seen their faces when we pulled up to the property at Kids Across Africa. What a thrill.


It was really interesting last night as the question was raise, "So what are you taking away from Rwanda with you?"  There were so many different answers, but one of the girls piped in and said, "It's amazing how much little money I spend on stuff I don't need"  Another said, "The family values here are really cool.  They seem to spend so much more time being together."  And one even said, "I think I'm coming back here to help someday."

At Sonrise School, I made sure all the kids got to meet Bishop John, the highest religious leader in this country.  And he said, "Be ambassadors for Rwanda back in your country.  We need you to tell the story.  As a part of this Global Village, help us continue to spread Jesus to the world."


I think when this is all said and done, the value of this trip won't be for the Rwandan people, but actually the vision that teenagers have to see that there are other people in the world that have needs outside the US is awesome.  We know there are so many needs inside the country, and some of the students have already brought up how they can effect change in their own schools; but there's something intrinsically valuable about knowing your neighbor isn't limited to the person that lives next to you. 

They're starting to get it.
They're seeing "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."
They're feeling the Samaritan woman conversation that Jesus had when He said we will worship in Spirit.
It's really a potential life changing trip.  I keep praying for those epiphonal moments for them.  My heart is heavy that they don't just make this a trip to Africa, but that they are filled with God's love for people so much, that they will translate it into executionable action. 

Thank you for supporting us.
We covet your prayers. 
I hope you will continue to join us on this journey to evoke a fire of compassion, so that the next generation will tell the world about Jesus. 


Have a wonderful day…..

Today we're going to an orphanage where my Gabby came from.  I'm prepping myself for an emotional experience, but I know it's going to fill my in the holes in my heart for the unknowing that she brought to me being an orphan dropped off at the gate.

Tonight, we're going to worship with a local youth group, and we're going to have some of the kids give testimonies.  So I'm excited to finally worship with the Rwandan Youth.

I'll keep you updated as the internet continues to work. 


  1. Has anyone tought any of those people how to build a bike or fix one? Has anyone of you guys taught them how to weld?
    Dont hand them stuff.
    If you give them a fish they eat for the day!
    If you teach them how to fish they eat for life!
    I get a kick out of people who think they are doing such a great thing by giving things away.
    Spend the time to educate on how to produce things.
    Reading the bible will not put food on their table, unless you want to feed them!

  2. This is amzing and i like how many people go to my country and got too many experiences!
    God bless you guys!
    Love from Ange ( Canada)

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