Today was honestly one of the most important part of our journey here to Rwanda.  It's one thing to come and be a tourist, lend a helping hand to people, but the future of putting feet to our faith while we are here on earth is exposing teenagers to entrepreneurial ventures where they can be a part of the solution. 

We went to a Texas A&M/Michigan State CO-OP coffee plantation today.  It was incredible!!  We got to work alongside the farmers, watch the washing and processing, and ultimately see the cupping of coffee by one of Africa's most qualified taster.  It's quite an art. 


The neat part of this trip was not the coffee or the agricultural process, the best part of this day was when the manager of the co-op started to allow the kids to see the community development happen while you offer hundreds of jobs to people who work in the same place.  This is a place where people can share their lives.  They can celebrate each others successes, mourn with tragedy, and live life alongside each other to be fully human.

Sometimes I wonder if in America, we miss the "body of Christ" principle, because we're all so focused on our own goals and agendas. 

I can tell you, here, it's not anything like that.  These people still hold on to community values that make them more relational than we are back home.  They need each other.  They enjoy each other.  They make time for one another.  And the cloud of materialism has yet to darken their eyes. 

It's a whole lot easier to talk to people about Jesus, when they're interested in living life WITH you rather than AT you. 


The Students are doing great.  They're learning a lot of history.  Helping people in Miraculous ways, and seeing a part of the world that is moving forward when much of Africa is falling further and further behind.  There is great vision for the future here, and as I met with the U.S. Ambassador today, he is very hopeful for the future of Rwanda.


My heart on this trip is that these students would have a broader worldview, and they would be able to see the need for the gospel to go to the ends of the earth.  It's an amazing time to watch a teenager relinquish their material ideology, and embrace the need for people to know Jesus as a number 1 priority. 

God bless, and thanks for your support.  Be it through finances or prayer, we are so thankful for you and your commitment to the future generations of America. 

Let me know what you think

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