This morning we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast at the home of the Vice President of Compassion over Africa.  Their hospitality has been incredible.  The girls are staying at their house, and the fellas join for meals, and it's just great.


Early in the morning we journeyed to a community sponsored by Link ministries that helps build homes for widows from the genocide.  We were commissioned to paint a few homes, and the kids had a BLAST.  James 1:27 came alive, The students are getting a face to face look at what it's really like to love others in a service kind of way!!

I've heard more than once, "Andy, can you change our plane tickets, we want to stay for a month."  Well, we'll get everyone home, right on time.


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  1. SO fun to watch your trip from Walnut Shade. Give that tall dark handsome African fella you all have near by a hug from his wife and kiddos.
    We are praying for you all. Tonight in our prayer time we asked for safety and fun, traveling mercies and for the Lord to be glorified.
    Enjoy your time up north and @ the KAAC~R property! I can’t wait to hear what your kids think about taking a camp experience like they have to the kids that I see them holding in this video.
    Keep the updates coming AND if you want to slip a photo or a “Hi Wife” w/ J on here, I’d be such a happy gal. I’m missing him!

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