So, we're all here, and have internet pretty spotty.  The Girls are staying in a Mansion outside the city, and boys, well…we're staying in an old church mission.  It's got a lot of character, and the fellas are getting a taste of real Africa. 

Yesterday we went to the genocide museum, and the kids were all super effected by seeing what happened here in 1994.  Today we woke up early and headed off to church.  It was a great service, and the pastor said something that really hit me. He was doing a little history of Rwanda, as he talked about Galatians 4:21-28, and told us that Rwanda was one of the only countries that opposed slave traders in the early 1800's.   He said, "Those who embrace slavery will always persecute those who pursue Freedom."  What a true statement!!  It's true for the slave traders, as well as true for those of us who pursue the freedom God has to offer. 

Those who think the gospel is about chains of legalism are not only missing the point of Jesus' freedom from the power of sin and death, but they actively persecute those who are pursuing it.

We're doing well.  Keep praying. Students are doing well, and we are getting good relationships laid for an incredible week. 

God bless.


Be sure to check out Luke Parrot's blog at and you can see some additional videos.

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