Each March and April, Spring Break comes around the country, and high school and college students jet set for a little reprieve from the doldrums of day in and day out class schedules.  Some choose to stay at home and get a little work done, but a large migration happens from the slopes of Colorado to the beaches of Mexico.

But this year…It's different.

For whatever reason this economic climate, coupled with a rise in violence around border towns, Mexico has become an outright shoot out.  Thousands of people have died over the last few months because of a cartel war, and it's not just those involved.

A few days ago, one news outlet reported 6 Styrofoam coolers found on the highway to Guadalajara.  Each one has a human head in it, with a note, "I'm coming to get you."

Yesterday two U.S. teenagers were arrested and charged with being a secret assassin cell in the U.S.  Evidently the two went to a club in a boarder town, and they were recruited by the drug cartels to carry out their murderous activity.  With the fast life at their fingertips, driving expensive cars, and living the high life, the two became the 'go to' guys for the Cartel's war with other drug dealers.

This is no joke. 

If you're going to spring break next week, take caution. 

Don't go by yourself.
Don't find yourself out late alone.
Be sure your friends know where you're going and when you're coming back.
The U.S. State Department has a site where you can register your travel, so they know you're abroad.
Keep you head about you, and if you can at all possible, stay away from boarder towns.

But overall, the best idea…Go somewhere else. 

There are plenty of places to go and be with friends or family that don't carry the risk.  It's just one of those times in world affairs that you need to be really careful. 'That all coming from a guy who loves adventure.'

Be Safe.
Have Fun.
And remember, Truth doesn't hide away just because it's spring break. 

God Bless.

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