So here I sit, in the sick people room.

Everybody here has a story.
Everybody is bummed to be here.
Nobody woke up this morning and shouted, "yea, I get to go to the hospital this morning."
Yet, here we all sit.

Me? I'm just making sure my lungs are all clear from my recent bout with bronchitis. No worries. Just checking up. But some of these folks are in here for serious stuff!

I have to be honest, I'm not real excited about being in the hospital, but I know the potential for healing is good. It's just all these sick people that freak me out!

I wonder if that's what Jesus felt like?

There He is in the splendor of all heavens glory, and He looks down and thinks, "Look at all those sick people!". And the Bible says He loved us so much, He died for us (jn 3:16)

Kind of gives me a little perspective on a day like today, and makes me want to be around more sick people.

For surely healing can only happen when we venture out from the people who are well, to those who are ill, and need the saving power of God in their world.
I guess hospitals aren't that bad after all.

May we be people who seek the sick.

May we not be comfortable in our own wellness societies.
May we offer others the hope of healing found in Jesus.

Let me know what you think

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