In 2001 President George W. Bush released an executive order that forbade federal funds from being spent on embryonic stem cell research.  It was monumental.  I remember the power brokers of the Christian faith rushing to Washington to lobby the President during his decision making time.  And for good reason.

Embryonic stem cells are harvested from real live embryos that are not being implanted for pregnancy.  Often products of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), most times these embryos are discarded and disposed of. 

Today, President Obama is announcing the rolling back of the executive order to allow research on embryos. 

My question…Is this the place for government?

I was at Oxford about a year ago, studying with some of the most brilliant minds in apologetics, and this topic came up.  In fact, one of the Leading researchers Nigel Cameron actually debated the need for research on the embryonic stem cells. 

His theory…We don't need it.

Embryonic stem cells have been researched around the globe for years.  Remember, it was only the US that decided not to give federal funding, not necessarily to stop research.  So, for the last decade we've found NOTHING useful from embryonic stem cells. 

More useful has been the blood from placental stem cells, skin stem cells, and I've even run into a doctor in Georgia that can harvest cardiac stem cells from a living heart and start creating a new one. 

So Why? 

Why are we so consumed by this embryonic moral conundrum.  Why mingle with a moral problem, when you don't have to? Well before you rail President Obama, you need to read this article, and start contacting your Senators and Representatives.


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  1. Great blog! “A man of understanding is of a calm spirit’ Prov. 17:27
    We have it backwards…the (American) Church isn’t like the world…the world is like the (American) Church.
    Repentance precedes revelation. We’re no different than the Israelites in the days of the Golden Calf. Abba YHWH grant repentance to Your people that we may see…truly see.
    Shalom aleichem!

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