On the Daily News Cruise this morning, I found an article that may interest some of you.  I think the only reason it really jumped off the page is because, I just got in a discussion of the 'role of women' in the church. 

But, Wednesday, In Saudi Arabia, a woman was arrested…For Driving!!

That's right, there is a law in Saudi Arabia that forbids women to drive. 

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So what do you think about that?  Is it right to have such laws in 2009?


  1. Actually that law is going to be changed very soon, and alot of women have become very comfortable. They all have drivers and are driven anywhere they need to go. The driver is on service all day and hired by a driving company. As well, just because where your from everything is so much more advanced don’t expect the rest of the world to be riding your coat tails. Saudi Arabia is a different world, the women are much happier then you know. Yea they should be able to drive, all woman should. You are biased, coming from a land where since you were born it has been allowed. They come from a land where it wasn’t, this ideology is newer to them then it is to you. I really dislike people making comments about other people without really researching anything. By the way I am canadian not saudi or arab.

  2. Hi, I am of those who believes that women are like a rose, which we must watch and give them all the care they deserve to triples in the best condition, so they’ll always be beautiful, thanks for sharing post

  3. But i wonder–simply because i wasn’t around for her life and have never studied her impact on american culture in a larger sense–if this is how marilyn herself was viewed by her peers back in the day… and if it was only the surgical hand of dr. time, m.d., that glossed over her life and put her in the context we find her in today.

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