I thought that might get your attention! 

Ok, it's time for LIVE blogtalkradio with me, Andy Braner, and my host Jarod Sickler.  We'll be LIVE tomorrow, Thursday March 5th, at 4:00 CST; and our topic….SEX. 

MTV has a show called Sex with Mom and Dad.  I'm gonna warn you right now, this is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

I've heard so many students talking about this, and the stories would SHOCK YOU right out of your chair. 

So, we can sit back and wish it not happen; OR we can start talking about it, looking for signs that it's going on in your school, and helping students re-learn the true purpose about God given Sexuality. 

We'll have a musical guest, and a celebrity guest from WAY down south. 

Come join us tomorrow at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/braner, and join the conversation. 

You can call in, engage in the webchat, or just sit back relax and listen.  




Listen to Braner on internet talk radioClick Here!

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  1. good topic man. i just posted a blog about this today. sex has become the forefront of conversation at the local HS due to a recent student newspaper article titled “Different Levels of Relationships”. The cat came out of the bag when HS students simply told it as it is. Even made the local news.
    Why are communities responding in shock when they go home every day listening to the radio full of songs on sex, watch television shows at night that glorify sex, and movies on the weekends that center around themes of “getting some”?
    We are a culture that worships sex. And a high school student is not exempt from it. we won’t admit what damage we have really done, especially in the hearts and bodies of teenagers.

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