Remember the Gillman family?  They were the one's that started the Wii raffle on Facebook to raise money for their two little one's who are coming home from Ethiopia? 

Well, I just got a report last night.  They've raise almost $1K since we all started the blogging.  I don't know if it was due to the increasing support from here online, or if it was due to other advertisements centered around their push to bring the kids home; but who cares?  It's Working!!!

So, let me ask you one more time….

Let's don't let this one fall through the cracks.
Don't let this story just fade into the lists of more blogs.
We've still got quite a ways to go before they have the funds necessary to pull this one off. 

Here's what we need to do.

1.  If you haven't blogged about it, facebook'd about it, or Myspaced; go ahead and tell everybody you know about the Gillmans.  Use the Links below to point people to their story and let's see what happens.

2.  if you haven't attended the Wii Raffle yet, Click Here to Go to the Raffle Page on Facebook, and buy a few tickets for the Wii contest.  It's really not very expensive, I think it's like $10 for 1 ticket and $25 for 10.  If you want to play the game…Go and buy a ticket.


3.  Go straight to their website Click Here, and you can donate ONLINE!!  If you've got any family members that have a heart for orphans, or you know somebody who can donate a large sum of cash, you can click on a paypal account to help them bring these kiddos back to a loving family home. 

Come be a part of something bigger than yourself. 
Come give to a family that is offering up their home to orphans.
Let's DO THIS!! 

I'll keep updating the progress, as you keep giving. 

"Pure and undefiled religion is this, that you take care of widows and orphans in their distress, and that you remain unstained from the world."  (James 1:27)

Let's help the Gillmans Bring Em HOME!!

Let me know what you think

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