Here's Big Sister Jenna waiting to raffle off this Wii for her two new Ethiopian siblings.  Keep the Blogosphere plugged up with the Gillmans.  It's working guys.  Money is flowing in.  Raffle Tickets are being bought.  And…who knows, there might be a willing donor out there that just needs to see a picture, read a story, or sense the enormity of the online community doing something in realtime, that will change the future of two kids IMMEDIATELY.  

Don't give up.

Let's see this one through.

It's time for these two kids to get on home.

Won't you help?

(the Gillman's blog is A Blissful Heart, or you can join the raffle on Facebook by Clicking Here)  

Wouldn't it be cool to see this family United because of our faithfulness to get the word out and support?  Let's ROLL!!! 

Click This Button to Donate Directly to the Gillmans.



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