This morning I have a wonderful meeting set with an old friend, Marvin Daniels. I’m telling you, those people in your lift that are super wise, you need to make sure you have time learning from those men and women. I’m excited to learn about what’s gping on in the lives of people in ministry all over the world, and Marvin is really making a difference in the lives of thousands. So you know I’m in branson, and where else would we meet beside Cra cker Barrel?

And then this afternoon don’t forget, LIVE radio over the Internet. Dial up We’re talking sexting and slumdogs, you won’t want to miss it.

Have a great day, and remember God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. It’s all His anyway, so let’s spend today investing our time in the stuff that matters. Feb 19, 2009

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  1. Marvin Daniels was my favorite teacher when i lived in branson. When he’d teach in chapel or at the K-institute, he lit a fire underneath me. Love what he is doing. Yeah, Marvin Daniels!

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