Interestingly enough, even the Christians in Engalnd are thought to be a little crazy-out-of-their minds. 

Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu described the nature of Christians in his most recent address, claiming that Christian people who are motivated by charity are thought to be 'mad' to normal society. 

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But I'm really not surprised.  Jesus said we would be hated by the world.  Most disciples were put to death for nothing more than helping the downtrodden, healing the sick, and feeding the hungry.  It's no game to buy into this Christian thing.  After all, who wants to live in a world where peace might reign?  Who would want to see people loving God, and Loving their neighbors as themselves?  Who would want to find value in the fact they were created by a creator who loves them so much, He actually came to the world to provide a life, and a life more abundantly?

I mean come on, it just sounds, well…'mad.'


  1. I was in this blog ring once with mostly English people. My blog mostly consisted of comedy, funny lists, or comments on movies (because I’m a movie buff). Mine got a lot of comments in this little ring. These English people started writing about crazy “religious people” like we were all that way. It was really ignorant, but politically correct for them. You wouldn’t believe some of the mind-numbingly stupid stuff they would write about God and religions.
    One day I “came out” as a Christian and wrote why I converted and what sort of affect it was having on my life. I remember they were so shocked that someone “normal” was really a Christian (like I was a snake in the grass or something). But a few wrote that they hadn’t ever seen words like that about religion. It wasn’t anything special. But they really did have such a bias. I quit blogging (no time), but every Christian holiday I included one of those shocking entries.
    Someone else I know lived there and described it as a “dead country.” I sense the need for a revival.

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