We're getting ready for another great week.  Lot's of cool stuff is on the front burner here on the home front.  The Thursday Radio show is still growing great guns.  I'm working on three different writing projects that are SUPER exciting.  And, Yesterday's trip up to Kansas City was such a cool thing. 

The Braners and the Piersons, our long time best friends from Branson,  went up to surprise our friends the Blackwells, and I know you've seen the pictures, but here are some more recent ones. 


Here are the girls at the Melting pot.  We went to celebrate Valentine's day, but we sported the AnNi Designs Africa T-Shirt to support our friend's return from Ethiopia. 


Here they are!  Tired, Jet Lagged, and holding this precious little one all the way from across the pond.  It was such an emotional time to see Kelly and Kevin holding this little girl.  We've prayed for this moment for almost a year and a half.  We've recruited hundreds of teenagers to buy shirts, and pray for this moment.  And, the anticipation of finally getting to see all the prayers and the talk turn into reality…it was just awesome!!

God is interested in New Beginnings.
He's interested in helping orphans.
He's at the center of helping us understand life in the middle of this world.
God is our adoptive Father.
He wants us to lay in His arms JUST LIKE THIS!
What a great thing. 

I hope you will continue to pray for the Blackwells, as they make this adjustment. 
I hope you'll keep praying for orphans.
I hope you'll be able to join whatever movement that helps to participate in a life of new Beginnings.

Thanks for praying. 
Let's keep pressing forward.  Who knows??  What if we could post hundreds of stories, just like this one? 

Yesterday there were 143 million orphans in the world.  Tonight, There's 142,999,999, let's keep going. 

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