Blog radio Don't forget to come join me tomorrow LIVE on the internet.  Each Thursday at 4:00 CST, I have a Live radio show complete with webchats, tweets from the twitter nation, callers who wish to be online, and questions from e-mail and Facebook. 

In fact, if you're on Facebook, go ahead and subscribe to our fanpage by clicking here (Click Here for Access to LIVE radio Fan Page) and you should be directed to our place on Facebook.  Just sign up as a fan, and we'll keep you updated on the newest topics coming up for the weekly show. 

This week, Shay Robbins is going to join Jarod and Myself to talk about Valentine's day, and this crazy idea called FLASH MOBBING. 

If you read the blog a few days ago, you know I'm intrigued by this social interaction and want to see what's going on with Flash Mobs. 

In any event, if you have some time tomorrow around 4:00 CST, come and join Jarod Sickler and I on a Journey LIVE at  Hope to see you there.

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