Valentines Day
Here it comes.  The yearly day of love, right?  It's the holiday that most men struggle to find ways to express, and for most women; it's a day of either celebration, or depression. 

Valentine's Day is on the Way coming this Saturday, and I'd like to spend the rest of the week exploring the history and significance of February 14. 

For guys, let me help you understand, I'm not folding to any pressure from my wife to highlight the love day. 

Ladies, I'm not trying to bolster up a day that is any more important than another.

What I'd really like to look at is the reason why we "do" valentine's day, and then hopefully give you some ideas for the expression of Valentine's day coming up.

The Church I was in this last weekend is doing a Valentine's day banquet with the youth group, which I think is a great idea.  The Youth are going to serve the adults for a night time banquet of "love"  HA!!  It's awesome!

We'll also talk about Valentine's day this Thursday on the radio.  So be sure to tune in 4:00 CST LIVE blog talk radio at, or just click on this button. 

Listen to Braner on internet talk radio

We're going to review the articles this week, talk about Valentine's ideas, and get together online as a community of believers who are just trying to be real. 

Last week, I got a number of e-mails  from folks having trouble with the radio show.  Just remember, if you open your browser, the radio will stream right from your internet source.  It's kind of a different deal, but if you click on the button, and then press play in the streaming box, you should be able to hear what's going on.

If you're interested in calling in, the number will be at the top of the show page. 

Hope you can join me.

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