Most of you know about Jamie and I's vision to help orphans around the globe.  We started this little clothing company to sell t-shirts and various items to help supplement the cost of international adoptions for those who were interested.  We started small, and only had a few shirts, and then we thought, "I wonder if we had family themed shirts?"  Hmmmmm?  I wonder if we took a design and designated it specifically for a certain adoption. 

Well, our first family themed shirt campaign is coming to fruition tonight.  The Blackwell family is flying over to Ethiopia right now to pick up their new little baby girl Rae.  And here she is….


Rae is getting ready to enter the blessed, sacred, honored position of an adopted child.  Her life is going to change forever, as her mom and dad have longed for her to be with them in their home. 
She's going to have someone to help her with her homework. 
She's going to have someone to show her how to play on the playground. 
She's going to have a dad to cheer for her through Jr. High, and protect her from the boys in High School. 

Tomorrow, Rae's life is going to change forever. 

Tomorrow the Blackwell family is going to change forever. 
They are in the middle of welcoming in a strange person that will melt into their family and soon become one. 
They're going to experience the pain of orphans as they visit the orphanage, but they're going to experience the God given blessedness of Grace, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation; ALL IN REAL TIME.

For Rae could do nothing to earn the right to be adopted, she just will be.
She had nothing to do with the love coming from this family's soul.
She couldn't work hard enough, do enough good things, or perform at any level of perfection well enough to deserve what's coming. 
But…Mom and Dad are on their way. 

It's such a cool time to be involved in this ministry.  This little company called AnNi Designs has helped supplement funds for a family who are going to literally change the life of this one child FOREVER.  And…the lives that are changing are modeling God's love for His people here on the planet. 

We couldn't do anything for God's love.
We can't perform for his blessing.
We don't deserve His grace and faithfulness. 

But guess what..

He's on His way…EVERYTIME!

So, with a little help from our friends….


And the love teenagers and college students have of clothing…

Blue africa

This little bitty company is helping to change lives, one orphan at a time. 

Come check it out, and be a part of the movement as we believe 143 million orphans in the world is just unacceptable.  We've still got a few Africa shirts left over.  So if you want to wear a success story for people to see…come on by and visit us.  Just click on the box below, and you'll be re-directed to the website. 

God bless. 

I believe we can be God's hand and Feet in helping to change the world! 

Let's go!



  1. im one of ethiopias biggest fans i can tell you anything about them if you would ask im upsessed with everything about ethiopia sooo i really look up to you adn your family for going there:)

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